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Broken Dentures

Broken Dentures

Is my broken denture a dental emergency? If you accidentally break your denture, you can consider this a dental emergency. Getting help as soon as possible is essential if you want to avoid further damaging your teeth, gums, jaw, and other soft oral tissues. Whether it is your artificial teeth or the base that breaks, calling us to schedule an appointment is the best course of action you can take.

How you should handle a broken dentureA denture repair kit can be helpful; however, you should only use these if you have a situation that requires you have a complete smile immediately. It’s best to thoroughly examine your prosthetic to determine where the break is located. This will make it easier for us to provide this information to our dental team and formulate a personalized treatment plan when you arrive.

How we treat broken denturesWhen meeting with Dr. Grewal about your broken denture in Perrysburg, she will determine if your denture can be repaired using composite resin to fill in small chips or cracks, or if you need a new prosthetic created. If the break is severe and cannot be repaired, the only solution is to either have it replaced with a new one or switch to dental implants for a more permanent and stable solution.


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