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Very Sensitive Teeth

Very Sensitive Teeth

Are very sensitive teeth a dental emergency?Tooth sensitivity can mean a few different things. Sometimes it’s a side effect of brushing too aggressively or having a highly acidic diet, while in other cases it’s a sign of damage or decay. It’s best to have sensitive teeth examined as soon as possible, especially if the sensitivity is severe, lasts a long time, and/or only affects specific teeth.

How you should handle very sensitive teethCauses can vary, so first you should call our office and describe your symptoms; we can either suggest some lifestyle changes or schedule an emergency appointment depending on what you tell us. Keep the mouth clean by drinking lukewarm water, and stay away from any foods that could trigger sensitive teeth.

How we treat very sensitive teethThe treatment depends on the cause. We may prescribe desensitizing toothpaste or mouthwash, or we can provide a topical fluoride treatment. If the sensitivity is a side effect of gum disease, tooth infection, or another larger problem, we will offer an appropriate treatment.


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