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Root Canal Therapy and Treatment

Do you feel an intense, throbbing pain in one of your teeth? Do you feel a lingering sting in a tooth after eating or drinking something cold? Does the pain continue throughout the day? These may be signs of an infection within the tooth. When the inside of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, an abscess can form, and if left untreated, the individual can lose the tooth and the root below it. To prevent further decay, a root canal treatment is necessary to treat the infection. Grewal Dental Care can provide effective, painless root canal therapy to a patient and save a tooth from inflection and inflammation.

Painless & Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Rimple Grewal, a seasoned practitioner with years of experience, and her wonderful, friendly team understand that there is a stigma surrounding root canal therapy. The treatment is infamous for being very uncomfortable and painful. In fact, patients usually feel a sense of dread after hearing they need root canal therapy. Let us be the first to tell you that with advancements in dental technology and with modern oral hygiene trends, the procedure is essentially painless. Our team genuinely wants to provide wonderful, healthy smiles to every patient and we will ensure that each treatment is straightforward, painless, and as comfortable as possible.

Toothache Treatment

We want to save your infected tooth and provide a healthy smile, which is why our services are designed to effectively treat your oral problems. For root canal therapy, we will apply an anesthetic to numb the gums surrounding the tooth and surround the tooth with a dental dam to keep the area dry while we work. We will drill a small hole in the tooth and remove the inside of the tooth, known as the pulp (which consists of nerves, blood vessels, etc.). After removing the infected pulp, we will thoroughly disinfect and clean the inside of the tooth. We then fill the tooth with a biocompatible substance and apply a crown, sealing it. The procedure takes one to two appointments, and causes no discomfort.

Receive Our Unmatched Dental Care

Our doctor and fantastic team of professionals want to provide each patient with friendly, phenomenal care, and if root canal therapy is necessary, we will make it comfortable and straightforward. Call our office today and schedule an appointment to alleviate tooth pain. Our office doors are open to everyone who resides in Perrysburg, Ohio and the neighboring communities.


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